Founded in 2016 by Stanford MS&E professors and PhDs, Cardinal Operations has been successfully applying Operations Research models to many giant companies in China. With specializations in Mathematical Programming Solver (Cardinal Optimizer, COPT), Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management and Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling System, Cardinal Operations provides end-to-end tailored optimized solution for each customer, with the goals to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Cardinal Operations’ robust and practical solution deals with the hardest problem Consumer Industries & Retail, Logistics, Manufacture, including leading companies like SF Express, JD, Deppon Logistics, Sino Trans, COMAC, Didi, AB in Bev, P&G, etc.

Luo Xiaoqu

Co-Founder & CEO

Luo XiaoquCo-Founder & CEO

Graduated with a doctoral degree in Business Administration from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Xiaoqu has multiple titles as former Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Dark Horse Ventures, consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, and Assistant Professor at Fordham University. He has led multiple front-line research projects, including providing strategic planning consulting for Huawei, Daimler, Royal Caribbean Cruise, etc... and accumulated profound experience in entrepreneurship, business growth and internationalization.

Ge Dongdong

Co-Founder & CSO

Ge DongdongCo-Founder & CSO

Graduated with a doctoral degree in Operations Research from Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, Dongdong is now a member of the Operations Research Society of China council, Dean of Research Institute of interdisciplinary science at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Director of Research Center for Management Science & Data Analytics at Shanghai University of Finance &Economics. He has led multiple national and provincial research projects and contributed many scientific paper. He also leads a team to build Cardinal Optimizer, a mathematical optimization solver which has provided solution to a wide range of leading companies like Boeing, Google, SF Express, JD, Didi, YH superstores and Wanda.

Wang Zizhuo

Co-Founder & CTO

Wang ZizhuoCo-Founder & CTO

Graduated with a doctoral degree in Operations Research from Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, Zizhuo is not only the Co-Founder and CTO of Cardinal Operations,but also the Associate Dean and Assistant Professor in the School of Data Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.His researches, of which many has been supported by the American National Science Foundation, aim to apply machine learning and operations research techniques to solve cutting-edge data-to-decision problems for enterprises, such as revenue management and operation management. More than 40 of his articles have been published in the world-class management / operations research journals, with a total of 1700 citations. Zizhuo was also granted two U.S. patents for his Pricing Strategy System which was nominated for the Practice Award of Year 2015 by the Operations Research Society of America.

Wang Xi

Co-Founder & CPO

Wang XiCo-Founder & CPO

Xi graduated with a doctoral degree in Decision Analysis and Risk Analysis from Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University in 2013, as a student of Professor Ronald A. Howard (founder of the Decision Analysis discipline). As former Head of Business Analytics at Google as well as a member of the Google Fi founding team, Xi has contributed over 10 million US dollars of annual revenue. Apart from his profound experience in product development and operational management, Xi also has a peacekeeper’s passion, which has driven him to participate in building crisis decision models for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

2020 2020


PonyPlus transportation optimization system was awarded as one of the 30 Best AI Applications of 2019 by Heart of Machines


Obtained B-round financing of 100 million RMB from Vanke Group and Tianren Investmen


Beer retail price optimization project and daily necessities Tmall flagship store intelligent promotion optimization project were selected as the 2019-2020 China ECR excellent cases


Awarded KPMG Top 50 Consumer Technology Enterprises in China by CCFA


Cardinal’s product development and software services passed the British Standards Institute ISO 9001 (international quality management system certification) and ISO 27001 (information security management system certification)


Won 2020 Annual Operations Research Application Award by the Chinese Operations Research Society


Won four awards including Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises in 2020 China AI Jinyan Awards


COPT broke the world record again, and the linear programming simplex algorithm and the large-scale network of linear programming topped the list evaluated by Benchmarks for Optimization Software (Professor Mittelmann)

2019 2019


Awarded Top 20 Innovative Products of the "Geek Park" IF Conference


Participated in framing Big Data in Industrial Manufacturing (2019)


Awarded 2019 AI Analytics · Top 50 Data Intelligent Innovative Enterprises in China

Awarded 2019 Retail Technology New Talent Enterprise Award by CCFA


Involved in framing Cold Chain Logistics for Food- National Standard


Appointed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China as one of the sponsors of their AI platform

Awarded the "Wisdom Star" Best Service Demonstration Unit by China Transportation Association

PonyPlus Transportation Optimization System Won Walmart Innovation Selection Day "Cost Savings Award"

Awarded 2018 China Urban Logistics Technology Innovation Excellent Case Award by China Warehousing and Distribution Association


Awarded third place in the 2019 Zhongguancun International Frontier Technology Innovation Competition Finals

2018 2018


Recognized as "Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise"


Listed in the 2018 China New Venture List and won the title of "Annual New Enterprise"


As the representative of an excellent artificial intelligence company, shared the title of "Geek Employer of the Year" with Meituan, Xiaomi, etc.


Awarded the Most Prosperous Enterprise in 2018 China Overseas Students Pioneer Park


Awarded the “2018 Top 50 Makers in China"

Awarded Ifenxi Top 50 Artificial Intelligence Innovative Enterprises in China


Awarded the Lagou Top Potential Employer of 2018

2017 2017


Obtained A round financing about 40 million RMB led by Pagoda Investment, followed by Jiangmen Venture Capital and Lenovo Venture Capital


Recognized as “China National High-tech Enterprise"


Won the "Phoenix Project" Outstanding Overseas Scholar Team Award of Chaoyang District

2016 2016


Co-founded by four Stanford PhDs


Obtained angel round financing from ZhenFund and Northern Light Venture Capital

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