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Mainline and branch-line

Intra-city transportation

Warehousing and
storage operations

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Mainline and branch-line transportation

Connecting the whole chain of operations, data and decision-making of mainline and branch-line transportation can be a grueling process. Our end-to-end solution can help you stay competitive in your industry, from warehouse network layout and location to daily distribution and scheduling.

  • network simulation
  • distribution and allocation optimization
  • warehouse/distribution center scheduling optimization
  • routes design
  • Vehicle-cargo matching
  • Warehouse network layout and site selection
  • logistics pricing
  • cargo volume prediction

Intra-city transportation

We have profound industry experience at the distribution end of logistics and transportation, as well as our mature product PonyPlus, which can solve your problem with a single click. It can be used in a variety of complex business scenarios to support flexible configurations, provide a visualized display of the distribution chain, and directly reduce your vehicle and fuel costs.

  • Distribution area division
  • cargo volume prediction
  • route optimization
  • fixed route template
  • intelligent sorting and dispatching
  • transportation route scheduling
  • address classification
  • plain-text address correction

Warehousing and storage operations

Warehousing and storage industry is in a trend toward a more precise, flexible and automatic management mode. We can provide lightweight and modular AI intelligent algorithms into your management system, attached with warehouse simulation, to schedule warehouse resources efficiently through the ”Warehousing Brain”, leading directly to lower operational costs as well as more efficient storage operations.

  • Layout planning
  • task assignment
  • plan scheduling
  • batch optimization
  • route optimization
  • AGV scheduling
  • device load balancing
  • 3D Warehouse Simulation

What we can achieve

  • Average transportation cost savings
  • Average driving time savings
  • Daily dispatch time reduces from 3 hours to
  • Average daily order level increases
  • Route bidding rate increases from 10% to
  • Unmanned warehouse vs. manned warehouse order outbound efficiency
    3X - 4X
  • Solving speed of AGV large-scale scheduling problem in unmanned warehouses
  • Distance on average reduces
  • Average order picking efficiency improves
  • Working time per unit shipped reduces

Our Customers

FTL company
real-time dispatch system

Optimize cost per kilometer, order coverage, empty-loaded rate; consider the minimum effective mileage of each vehicle, and loading/ unloading time; output short-distance daily dispatch vehicle waybill; used for daily dispatch and setup of bidding quotations; increase vehicles utilization.

Top furniture company
Intra-city delivery

We provide customized and dynamic daily distribution plans considering vehicle restrictions, delivery time windows, different customer work calendars, complexity and variability in furniture installation services, as well as variations in staff members’ service capabilities and efficiency.

Top logistics company
customers delivery scenario

We solve for the optimal delivery path for vehicles which supports large-scale real-time concurrent computing, considering weather, road conditions, and time window constraints, customer/order priority and complaints.

A flagship e-commerce unmanned warehouse
dispatching algorithm design

Our intelligent warehouse system solution includes: product layout optimization, idling robot placement and charging, order task assignment, robot order picking path design and tray returns to warehouse, to significantly improve warehouse delivery efficiency.

A large daily necessities brand
E-commerce warehouse system optimization

We provide the e-commerce warehouse with a customized optimization solution regarding cargo space allocation,  replenishment strategy, batch generation and order picking path design; reduce labor costs and improve efficiency of warehouse delivery during peak demand periods without occupying additional storage capacity.

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